Corporate Banking

The range of corporate product offerings include funded, treasury, investment and fixed income products. Other services include trade finance, commercial finance, transaction banking, current account services and convenience banking.

Corporate Banking services from Kotak Mahindra Bank include the following:

  • Product Suite:
    This has a whole gamut of products including:
    • Funded Products that meet the Working Capital needs of the company along with other structured products.
    • Treasury products to mitigate risks that occur in business with products for foreign exchange, money market and benchmark PLR.
    • Amongst Investment Products, corporate bankers can choose term deposit, mutual funds and banc assurance.
    • Fixed Income Products offers highly qualified products from experienced professionals providing plain vanilla debt issuance to Asset Backed Securities (ABS), Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), structured products and loan syndication.
  • Trade Finance: Companies that are involved in import and export have sought the expertise of our unique trade finance solutions. These include tailor-made solutions created to meet the needs of export and import services. Apart from this, corporates are provided bank guarantees and other unique domestic services.
  • Commercial Banking: This is the one-stop-shop for meeting the needs of corporates when it comes to transportation, logistics, and infrastructure and tractor industries.
  • Transactions Banking: Kotak Mahindra Bank simplifies the complex financial clearing system in India for corporates by offering receivables and payables services while ensuring predictability of cash flows.
  • Current Account: Quick and timely access to funds is provided to all corporates to meet the demanding business environment by giving a 2 Way Sweep feature for giving liquidity and higher returns.
  • Convenience Banking: To complete the gamut of services, Kotak Mahindra Bank has ensured that all corporates have access to net banking, Kotak Payment Gateway, mobile banking, SMS banking, alerts, phone banking and wide ATM network.

*Kotak Corporate Banking is a division of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

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